October 6, 2020

Contact: Melissa Smith

Marketing Director, DipJar



DipJar Releases SparkVirtual and new Pricing Model

  • SparkVirtual offers an engaging, goal-driven solution and online transaction processing in response to increased demand for virtual fundraising
  • New pricing model reduces transaction costs and volume discounts on multiple DipJar devices


BOSTON – In response to the strained giving climate resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic, DipJar launches a new solution for fundraising, SparkVirtual, as well new pricing bundles to make DipJar more valuable, accessible, and affordable to nonprofits. New pricing plans include lower transaction costs, decreased subscription fees for organizations purchasing multiple DipJars, and customizable plans for Enterprise customers such as larger nonprofits, foundations, or corporations looking to engage in Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives.


SparkVirtual allows nonprofit customers to create goal-driven, customized online giving campaigns to educate, engage with, and collect donations from donors virtually. As customers were no longer able to hold in-person fundraising events that utilized DipJar connected devices, DipJar quickly rolled out the new SparkVirtual platform to meet the current needs of their 3,000+ nonprofit customers. The new platform allows for mobile and online donations, and can be used seamlessly with the DipJar device, or on a standalone basis.


“When COVID hit earlier this year, many customers reached out to see if we could help as their fundraising efforts shifted away from in-person events and to virtual giving,” said Chris Selland, chief executive officer, DipJar. “We are already seeing success with SparkVirtual helping our nonprofit customers reach their fundraising goals, even if they can’t engage with their donors in person right now.” 


DipJar products and pricing information can be viewed on DipJar’s website here (dipjar.com/products). SparkVirtual is available to tax-exempt 501(c)(3) nonprofit charitable organizations as recognized by the IRS. 

DipJar is changing the game of fundraising through its integrated, highly engaging platform and connected device to create giving moments for charities and causes. Learn more: www.DipJar.com.