How do I change the dollar amount displayed on my DipJar?

Here's how to change the dollar amount on your DipJar:

  • Log into your DipJar Dashboard 
  • Select "Settings" in the left-side menu of the Dashboard, then select "Manage DipJars" in the left-side menu of the Dashboard: • All DipJars that exist on your account will be shown
  • Select the checkbox to the left side of the DipJar that you wish to edit. Note: You can select multiple DipJars at one time.  All selected DipJars will receive the same setting that you apply in the following steps.
  • Select the "EDIT DIPJAR"  button near the top of the page:
  • A prompt will appear allowing you to set the nickname of your DipJar as well as the dollar amount to be displayed on/collected by the DipJar.

If powered off, the DipJar will update with the new setting when it is next powered on.  If powered on, disconnect and reconnect power to the DipJar to finish updating the dollar amount (For convenience, we recommend maintaining the connection from the power cord to the DipJar, and disconnecting power at the wall outlet or Portability Kit).