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How to Connect Your DipJar Pro to WiFi

Connecting your DipJar Pro to Wi-Fi is a straightforward process that ensures your device is ready to facilitate seamless donations. Begin by plugging in your device; the green power button will briefly illuminate and then turn off, while green LED lights cycle left to right and back on top of the device. Press the power button, and you'll witness LEDs flashing in red, green, and light blue across the top of the device, followed by a color test on the screen, which may take up to 45 seconds to complete.

Once the home screen appears, featuring the DipJar icon at the lower center and Android-based controls on the lower right, swipe down from the top to access the settings menu. Here, you'll find both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth options. Tap on Wi-Fi, select your network, enter the password when prompted, and touch 'connect.' After completing this step, press the Home button at the bottom right of the screen to return to the main home screen. Ensure Bluetooth is activated by checking that the button is on/blue when you swipe down to show settings. Navigate back to the home screen using the buttons at the bottom, then open the blue DipJar logo at the bottom center. This will prompt a dropdown menu that allows you to select your campaign.

In case of any connectivity issues, make sure the Bluetooth button is on/blue when swiping down for settings. If needed, open the apps screen and choose 'clear all' or swipe away unnecessary apps before reopening the DipJar app to ensure smooth functionality. Following these steps guarantees a connected and operational DipJar Pro, ready to enhance your donation experience.