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What is Included in my DipJar Pro Order?

When you receive your DipJar Pro order, the package comes equipped with everything you need to get started. The box includes the DipJar Pro device, designed to facilitate easy and secure donations. Additionally, you will find a wall charger to keep your DipJar Pro powered and ready to collect contributions.

Once unboxed, you will need to plug in the device for at least an hour to allow the unit to charge fully. It’s important to note that on the screen of the DipJar Pro, there is a clear protective film that needs to be removed before use. If not removed, it can make the screen appear damaged and difficult to use as it impairs the touch screen’s abilities. 

When charging your DipJar Pro, it is imperative to use only the provided wall charger. Using power cables other than the one supplied is likely to damage the device and, consequently, void the warranty. Adhering to this guideline protects your investment and guarantees a smooth and uninterrupted donation experience.